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PLEASE NOTE We will only work with one company for each industry in each geographic area at a time. For example we will not take on two flooring clients both in Albany, NY.

Franchisee Marketing FAQ

What is Franchisee marketing?

With so many terms we understand many just want a franchise marketing definition. Franchisee marketing simply put is additional marketing for your specific franchise location and service area. This helps rank you higher in maps, organic rankings, and have better Ads. This is marketing for your specific business and not for the franchise as a whole, which is marketing for franchisees rather than the franchisor.

What if the franchisor already provides franchise digital marketing?

That is great, and what is the industry standard. The goal of the franchise in general is to better rank the landing pages and lead magnets form their main site. While certainly this will help you in your local business most likely they are not specifically targeting your city etc with additional digital marketing and optimizations. The work they do on the national side works in conjunction with what we do for the local side where your business makes its revenue.

How do I find a solid, reputable digital agency for franchises?

We understand that it seems like everyone and their brother is pitching some sort of digital marketing, and we are willing to bet your inbox is filled with offers for SEO and other forms of digital marketing. You should look at the company's history of work. Have they worked with national brands and local small businesses? Are they certified by Google? Or even better are they a certified Google Partner like Right Meow Digital? Do they understand the nuances that you as a franchisee do not have an unlimited budget and need to have a positive ROI for your investment each month?

We here at Right Meow Digital meet all of those requirements and then some. We work with international, national, and local businesses providing digital consulting to increase revenue.

What is the difference between Franchisee Marketing vs Franchise Marketing?

Typical across the marketing industry franchise marketing is the marketing to help the national franchise grow. This includes many things including branding power, advertising to potential franchisees, and marketing to an area about the service where it doesn’t yet exist, which encourages more people to look into opening their own division of the franchise. 

Franchisee marketing is more localized and geographically targeted to find clients and customers for the franchisee. While having a franchise is very powerful for name recognition and branding you as the franchisee are still running a local business that needs additional marketing to grow your local division. 

Most times these do overlap with the franchisor providing franchise marketing systems, marketing plan for franchises, and digital marketing for the franchise at large. Working in conjunction and knowing the guidelines can supercharge your local service area for your territory.