Google Grant Management Plus

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Google Ad Grants Management Plus.jpg

Google Grant Management Plus

799.00 every month

Strategic management of your Google Grant

  • Assist in Applying for the Google Grant as needed

  • Create Google Ads Campaigns

  • Google Analytics - Insights for your campaigns improves speeds up and improves results

  • Google Search Console - Insights for your campaign that provides a wider net to extend your reach.

  • Semi-Custom Dashboards, that share Grant Performance, Site Performance, and Organic trends.

Content Strategy Meetings - scheduled every 6 months


A Google Grant is a great way for your nonprofit to reach more of the right people. From donors, to volunteers, to new hires, the opportunities to get your nonprofit in front more people is a very effective program. We make it very easy to take advantage of this offering from Google. Google Ads is an enormously complicated platform that we’ve been working with for over a decade, effectively managing several hundred million in ad spend. We’re a Google Certified Partner with a strong bias to Search, which plays to a Google Grant. We have in-depth experience with the unique nuance of managing a Google Grant so your campaigns are launched quickly and effectively.

We support your nonprofit every step of the way, ensuring that you see success from your Google Grant, to deliver these results we include the following:

  • Assist in Google Grant Application - it has to come from you, but we will make the process as streamlined as possible.

  • Google Ads (formerly Adwords) Management - Set up campaigns, and continually optimize them to maintain Google Grants Compliance and drive steady growth.

  • Google Analytics - Establish Goals if possible on your site, so we can track conversions, and use the data to improve the effectiveness of the Grant on-going.

  • Google Search Console - Identify errors Google finds so we can work with your teams to correct them, this will keep your CPC’s efficient so you can get as much value as possible. It also will help us realize how Google associates keywords with pages on your site so we can maintain high Quality Scores in your Google Ads campaigns.

In order to be successful with a Google Grant we also recommend, and include in this package, Google Search Console and Google Analytics, both of which are free services that Google provides to support Google Ads more effectively. If any or all of this is new or confusing, Contact Us and we’ll schedule a time to walk through as much of this as you need to understand what it does and why it’s important. We view our clients as true partners and want to make sure you’re informed about what’s going on and why every step of the way. In order to keep our prices down, with this package we provide simple to read and understand monthly reporting, just the facts so you’re always informed of what’s going on and that we’re getting as much out of your grant as possible.