Marketing for Franchisees

Digital marketing your franchise is complicated, you have the restrictions and control of a big national brand plus the complexity and nuance of a local business. This is where we can help, we bring big national brand experience paired with local business understanding to provide the results that you need to run your business effectively. To make it even more challenging, you need results at a fair price. We’ve got you covered there too!

We’ve spent a lot of time working with franchisee’s and combine these learnings with our expertise, digital marketing. You’re busy running your business, managing your team, talking to prospects, and closing deals. Most of our franchisees have very successful businesses and do not have the time to manage a new business (digital marketing) themselves. You only have 24 hours in a day and learning the in’s and out’s of digital marketing, SEO, PPC/SEM, conversion rate optimization, analytics, and tag management just doesn’t make sense, you need to be doing what you do best, run your business. We partner with companies who need our expertise applied to their business in their territory, driving prospects down the sales funnel, iterating, and keeping you informed (not buried) every step of the way.

Running your franchise keeps you busy, you hire an accountant for your taxes, an attorney for regional compliance/permits, bring in professional digital marketing help so you can focus on your businesses growth.

Running your franchise keeps you busy, you hire an accountant for your taxes, an attorney for regional compliance/permits, bring in professional digital marketing help so you can focus on your businesses growth.

We work with huge brands, but really love working with small companies. After all, we’re a small business ourselves, and know how deliver the results you need. To that end, we have a lot of experience working with the requirements from the franchisor and can apply it to your vertical and region in a very focused way. Our trick is scale, we like to work with 10 or more franchisees in different territories so we can apply enormous economies of scale to help drive all of your businesses to grow. We aggregate all of the data so we can identify trends and opportunities much quicker than if we only worked with one of you. This speeds up your growth and efficiency, which is essential to grow your business. Ideally, we like to become a recommended vendor from the franchisor so we have access to the latest resources and can support our franchisees to their fullest.

Here’s a few of the brands we are currently working with.

Bottom line is you want to get the best result for the smallest investment. You want more potential customers and clients visiting your website, social media, and calling your phone and you want to be able to quickly see how everything is going without having to have a masters degree in marketing to understand the jargon and graphs.  Luckily we want to provide an affordable franchisee marketing solution that you see steady results and know how we can generate continued growth for your business.

One of the things our clients like the most (besides our results) is the custom dashboards we provide. These dashboards update in real time and the data comes from your Google analytics, Google Search console, Google Ads, Google My Business, etc. This allows you to accurately and easily see what is happening with your business online at any time you want with 3rd party data, rather than data made out of thin air from your marketing agency. Below is an example of our dashboards. The example includes the larger organization stats along with stats for each location. It should be noted your dashboard may not look exactly the same as each company has different KPIs (key performance indicators) that dictate the success of digital properties.

Wondering what can be bundled together to launch your business to new heights? Great let’s take a look at some of the things that are included with our general franchisee marketing plan.

Client Dashboard with Google Data studio

One of the consistent themes we’ve noticed is that most franchisee’s don’t have clear visibility of what’s going on with their digital marketing. Client dashboard with real time analytics and KPI’s is included so you can keep up to date whenever and as often as you would like. This information is populated right from your own data with in Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console, and Google Ads (if applicable)

When you first sign up we start with what we refer to as The Foundation of Growth Plan which starts when you sign up and continues past the first month. These items include;

Full review of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads (if applicable)

Google Analytics is a free solution that Google provides that allows you to track visitors behavior on your website. If you are not currently using it we’ll work with your development team to get it implemented. From there we use the data to track performance and find areas your potential customers are most interesting in, helping you focus future efforts.

Google Tag Manager is a free solution that Google provides that allows you to insert tracking code, such as Google Analytics, into your website without involving a developer. Have Google Tag Manager installed once and then all future tracking can be done without involving a developer. This is important because we can track form fills, contact us submits, or any other important action a visitor can take on the site.

Google Search Console is yet again another free tool from Google, this one provides organic, or natural search results information. Google Search Console does a lot of things to support SEO, and it only starts tracking for your website once claimed and if it has never been claimed it’ll provide additional value to your franchise.

On Page Recommendations-

Whether you have a single dedicated page on the franchisors website or you own local website we will review the site for key on-page changes that will help you be found in the search results more, have better click through rates. This includes reviewing the meta titles, meta descriptions, image file names, image alt tags, and the content (text) on your key pages.

GMB Optimizations-

Google My Business (GMB) is basically just as important as having a website and Facebook page in this day and age. GMB is a very powerful way to obtain new clients with people looking for your type of service directly in Google search. GMBs can show up in the knowledge graph for branded searches (the little card with information to the right of the top search results on page 1 of Google) as well as in the “Snack Pack” which is the 2-6 map listings normally shown above all organic results for localized searches in Google. We make sure your GMB profile is full of information, including Geo tagged pictures (geo tagged is adding location information to the meat of a picture that search engines can read), categories, services and products listed, hours of operation, company information, and company description.

Bing Maps claiming/optimizations-

Bing Maps is very similar to Google My Business just on Bing search engine instead of Google. We ensure your Bing maps profile is full of information, including Geo tagged pictures, categories, services and products listed, hours of operation, company information, and company description.

Apple Maps claiming-

Apple maps can be one of the more difficult platforms to be listed on. They require phone calls, and sometimes pictures of the outside of the business. While Apple maps is nowhere near the popularity of Google maps it is still good practice to be on all the popular map services as possible.

Social Media Optimization-

Everyone knows the importance of Facebook and the massive influence the site has on us as a society. We make sure your website, business information, hours, and descriptions are optimized for the best potential to reach new clients and customers. This includes optimizing and reviewing your Facebook page, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Blogger. If you don’t already have any of these key social media pages we will create them on your behalf fully optimized and branded.

Pinterest Foundational-

Pinterest is a popular social media platform where it’s users are known for having money, spending money, and planning their purchases. Setting up Pinterest with a solid winning foundation is great for businesses. Not only will we pin pictures with direct links back to your website, webpage, or webpages but also set them up on boards so that Pinterest better understands each pin and is able to serve the pins as suggestions to users it feels will gain a benefit from seeing and reading them. These pins when shared also help create powerful links back to your site.

Set up easy review url for Google Reviews-

Reviews are vital to every company, and Google reviews are the best way to entice new potential clients. We set up a direct url so you clients can simply click one link and be brought to the exact portion of your Google listing to leave their review. We use a url shortener to make it easy to type in.

IFTTT Setup-

Managing social media is hard enough, managing multiple social accounts is basically a full time job. You decide your favorite social media account to post on (we recommend facebook for links, and text posts, and instagram for picture posts) We set up a system that will take your posts and publish them automatically to your other accounts like tumblr, pinterest, twitter, and blogger.

Video Citations-

One thing that works very well in localized rankings is videos. We create video citations and post them on your Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. (example

Branded Google Stack-

Utilizing your own domain and social channels we build out our Google Stack. This can be described as taking all of your relevant information, some pictures, and possible videos into many different Google properties likes MyMaps, Sites, Drive PDFs, Drive Docs, etc. This creates another form of “trust” and “authority” as all the links to your sites are directly from a Google-owned property.

After the foundation is set we continue monthly franchise digital marketing with things like;

GMB posting-

Google My Business can make a huge impact on your business. Most of Googles searches happen on mobile phones and with Google having emphasis on geo relevancy in search results now (basically looking for the closest places to where you are searching) having a constantly updated GMB is important. We will post at a minimum of 3 times a week from images to videos. The beauty of a GMB post is that it indexes with Google instantly and gives you more digital real estate in the search results when shown giving you an even better opportunity at attracting new potential customers and clients.

Pinterest Maintenance-

With the foundational Pinterest completed we continue to add to it. From pinning other peoples pins within the same topical theme to your boards, following people, and pinning images from other social media accounts to help with interlinking between your properties.

Every Pin on Pinterest is an idea—like a recipe or an outfit—that links back to the website it came from.

When you give Pinners a good idea, they’ll want to try it. They’ll engage with your Pin by saving it or visiting your site.

Plus, when someone saves your idea, it spreads to more people through search results, feeds and recommendations. That’s how you get discovered on Pinterest—and that’s why a single Pin can drive tons of brand awareness, engagement and referral traffic, all for free. And you can always promote your Pins to get them in front of even more people.

Ads management-

We will manage your Google Ads, help you lower CPC, and better bid on converting search terms. This can be like adding gasoline onto your online outreach.

Youtube Reporting for Googel Grants.jpg

Monthly Video Reporting

We realize most of you are extraordinarily focused on your franchise business, and many simply don’t have time to know every nuance and change within Google Ads and Rankings, or the experience to optimize it. Though you want to be informed and aware of what’s going on and why it’s happening, that’s why we provide a short monthly video report on your campaigns performance, these videos are hosted on Youtube, are unlisted, and generally under 5 minutes. You’ll never wonder what’s going on, or waste time trying to catch up, every month you’ll get your update so if you don’t have time to visit your Google Data Studio dashboard, you’ll be informed of the activities with your Franchisee marketing plan.

You may have noticed that we use a wide range of free Google solutions, this is not by accident. The suite of Google solutions works in harmony to affect incredible results for your online campaigns. Some websites may not be able to use all of them, but we’ll work with you and your team(s) to get as much value from these solutions as possible. With this program, you get all of the above from Google at absolutely no charge, and our charge to do all of this is a fraction of a single part-time employee!

We are a tam based in the US who handles all of your work ourselves, we will not outsource your account to a third-party, or an offshore team.

We understand that this may be confusing, and almost overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. One of our primary objectives in every franchisee client we work with is to make the franchisee’s life easy, we don’t want you to be bogged down by this, we want you to leverage a solution of growth with no disruption to your current goals, rather that this seamlessly supports your businesses goals.

If you’re ready to take the next steps or have questions, please use the form below and we’ll find time to go over all of the details so you are confident that this solution is the right fit for your franchise business.

Contact us today for your franchisee marketing solutions!