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Do you represent a brand or manufacturer and struggle to find a meaningful digital solution for your network of partners, retailers, resellers, and dealers?  Are you tired of paid search being the only quantifiable metric that you get reporting on?  You're not alone! 

First, a "platform" or off-the-shelf solution will absolutely not meet your needs, we've seen millions invested trying to push projects like this and they always fail for the same reasons - no two retailers have the exact same needs in the digital ecosystem.  You may be able to find a SaaS website platform for your vertical, a finance partner, or some sort of other widget you can include in a digital offering but we all know how dissatisfied you are with this one size fits all approach, how frustrating it is, and how much of an enormous opportunity is facing you but you lack the resources to make it happen.

That's where we come in!  We know you're busy so we'll turn the conversation to some bullets that will likely resonate with you:

  • Tiered programs depending on the level of retailer to your organization, this way you have a clear offering that will have enormous value to your retailers and strengthen your relationship while growing your business (and theirs) at the same time.
  • Simple to understand reporting to see exactly what the results are from specific activities.  We are capable of delivering this by making it customized for your unique needs - we'll help identify relevant KPI's and then organize it all in a easy to access dashboard so you're never left wondering what's working, what's not, and what is being spent.
  • We may knock PPC, but it has its place, and we're exceedingly good at getting as much juice from each squeeze as possible. Creating guides and structure so you're not driving your CPC up by bidding against yourself with your network of retailers and with yourself if you're brand is bidding on branded terms.
  • Strategy - maybe you don't have the funding to deploy a program to even select retailers within your organization, but I bet we could put together a Digital Best Practices, Digital Playbook, or some sort of other simple to follow documentation that you could share with your retailers so they could self-serve with this new information.
  • Key client retention, contract negotiations can be sticky times, putting together a highly customized digital plan together for business critical retailers as a component of "good faith" contract negotiations can be a huge factor in creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • MAP, IMAP, UPP (sometimes called a Colgate Policy), UMRP, or UMAP - we can help structure these in a way that protects your brand, or at a minimum prevents egregious discounts that cost valuable brand equity.  
  • Amazon - this is never the same for any brand, but developing a guideline for retailers on Amazon is critical with Amazon's continued dominance in the ecom space. 

We've been working with enterprise MDF programs for over a decade and have developed a lot of experience and nuance in how to get the most out of digital for your brand.  Whether you have a $200MM budget or a $20k budget, we can help you not only make digital simple and contributing to your business objectives, but generate value that you've never encountered in this space.  

Let's talk about your situation if this seems to hit home - Contact Us and we'll be in-touch shortly.